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...There he took from her what he would have as his Queen,

leaving her to descend a

thousand staircases

alone, dragging

her red cloak

behind her.

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Twelve friends aged 18-25 are meeting at Alex Wolf’s recently inherited ‘cottage’ in Devon for the final party of the summer. Pete and the Lost Boys are the first to arrive at the house, straight from camping at a festival. Peer pressure and a longing for acceptance leads Pete to experiment with the recreational Pixie Dust. The tension between him and Wolf grows steadily through this first twenty-minute act, culminating with Pete’s head in White’s lap as he wakes up in the garden.


Millie Hatter’s act follows the same events, but her seemingly random outbursts during Pete's act are now explained by her hyper-sensitivity and attention to detail. Despite having known Wolf since they were children, she is tense around him, almost paralyzed when she hears from the three Piggs brothers that Wolf and Red have disappeared upstairs.


From the moment Red walks into the house, it is clear she has been chosen as the object of Wolf's manipulation. Failing to attract the right kind of attention from her sister, she finds herself firmly within the Wolf’s clutches, no matter how well his words mask his true intentions. By the time Red places her first foot on the stairs, both she and the audience feel the stifling claustrophobia of coercion and manipulation.